Natures rage

To Elizabeth Dickinson Emily
I watch nature surround me
How long will patient gentle mother be
I defy and disobey to make dry your tears be
While my violent lumbering brings deluge floods to me
Your gentle words go beyond me
Your raised voice is drowned by greed in me
You shift the plates clap thunderously
My Budhi is shaken wise movies I see
Soon I forget and creep deeper to the core
Ignoring the power of the sun
The gift of guiding roaring wind
I gather no water for the use of me
The earth is parched here
It is flooded there
It erupts here and sinks below there
I look hither and thither
No sookun anywhere
My Budhi raise gentle mother dear
To sat Budhi I pray
Of no child are you impatient
Make your admonition mild
With infinite affection
And infinite care raise
Your golden finger to your lips
Make silence everywhere
Bring shunya within the turbulent mind if me.



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