Match Stick I place before you this match stick 

It promises us a flame yet unseen 

The promise is there always ready 
When we come together in common purpose 

This flame is lit 

It belongs not to the East or the West 

The flame is like the sun 

Guiding us to the light after the night. 
The trees on our land represent the promise 

The mixture of land, light and water and hope 

The flame is there waiting 

Together we can ignite this flame 
This little stick makes me smile 

Sometimes my smile is moistened with tears 

Yet I smile at the world

The world smiles at me. 

The smile comes from neither the East nor the West 

One day I want to live. 

A life without fear as nothing 

Ever dies in our hopes 

We keep hoping. 

In the matchstick is the hope 

Of eternal light of our maker 


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