I reflect on the experience of feeling loss

Nothing ever really dies

Deep experience of loss leads to

A deeper Understanding of myself

An experience from the higher

Of consciousness around me 

A deep wordless silence 

I prefer the company of

 The quiet within without 

The outer chatter slows down

I Accept this gift and witness.

Listening to someone quietly

Sharing affirms quiet change 

The old paradigm begins to change

I listen more Meditate more

 Write more,be with nature.

For nature is ever changing 

Dying and renewing

In serene eternal stillness

The leaf changes colour 

Leaves the permitting host 

Falls at its feet in surrender 

To regenerate from below 

That very host itself 

Loss and gain harmonise 

In silent symphony rise 




One thought on “Loss

  1. Dying and renewing- a factual metamorphosis of life. The way you express the harmony between loss and gain is simply Divine. Beautiful expressions throughout. You are an inspiration Shariffa Ji.

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