After days of contemplation

We look skyward to site the moon 

It’s sliver of a cusp proclaims 

Baraka to all who are receptive 

Baraka is neither from the East nor West

It emanates from he who is above all else 

The spiritual beneficence showers all 

Who are ready to receive 

In humility 

Baraka comes from the divine 

Showers us all on earth today and always 

In Hebrew in Arabic it humbles all

Recipients not of the East nor West 

It is showering in every moment 

Continuously for all to receive 

It does not cease nor pause

So when we look skyward and see 

The appearance of the moon 

It is just a reflection of God’s creation

Not of the East nor West or up or down 

Baraka comes to all sentient beings

Who kneel in supplication 

So raise your eyes wherever you are 

Bend your knees ready to receive 

That which is ever present 

Mubarak Mubarak whoever you are 

Be blessed today and every day 

Submitting to That which is above all else 

As you wish each other 

Eid Mubarak 

May be he Baraka go into the universe 

And ricochet right back to your heart 


Eid July 2016 


One thought on “Eid

  1. from the Quran-e-Shariff
    Ayat from Sura An-nur, the parable of Allah’s Light:
    … “the Lamp enclosed in a Glass
    the Glass as it were
    A brilliant Star
    Lit from a Blessed Tree
    An Olive, neither of the East,
    Nor of the West … “


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