In my garden 


Do you remember the jasmine? 

I do, so special it was to grow one. 

I had a rose bush not an asmini one 

On my way to school I’d pass by 

Pick some delicate pink buds up

Carefully places on top of the pencils 

Gently placed in the desk to be watched

Each petal gently uncurl and unfurled 

Magical silky white and pale pinked 

The desk lid opened the scent emerged

Bibi Sayidi sold them these tender buds 

Ten cents if you had it 

Coveted those little secret buds 

Through the hat pin I twine the buds

The whole handful its treasure bound 
My neighbour looped a posse 

On long lithe dark silken plait 

Garlands hung in temple doors 

Idols adorned by jasmine floret
At Humayun’s temple the very branch

Was cascading jasmine as we passed 

Below our feet above our head 

The jasmine sent a scent into the dusk 

Jasmine blossom, jasmine crushed 

It’s memory crushed into the heart ever sound 

The jasmine lost and found 

Pressed into my favourite book bound 

A memory of a meeting shh not a sound 

The wedding sadness fought

The memories of youth so lost 

In the posse at the end of the tresses

Strewn randomly in the marriage bed 
Memories life’s regrets and passion 

All entwined in the hat pin 

Memories a possession
Do you remember the jasmine? 
A kind aunt would bend a twig 

Into the pot I brought

Place a stone to graft and a water swig

Tender waiting days are cast 

Then at last is the jasmin plant 

Your very own 
And now in September oh jasmin

You cascade from every hedge vine 

In Tumultuous abandon you give the scent my way 

You are quite unstoppable I say. 



2 thoughts on “Jasmin…asmini 

  1. Jasmine Oh! The fragrant one
    Entwined charmer on the hair bun.
    Shariffa Ji you have expressed the Jasmine in all vividness and so beautifully too with your clever word craft. It reminds me of the days when as a young girl I would drape my long plaited hair coming to my hips. And how I would flaunt the Jasmine adorned hair with each perky step taken with pride.


    1. The jasmine and the Rose my friend Saifun reminds me were spoken of by Khusraw:-
      they remind me of very interesting poetry that I’ve read !

      from the poetry of Nasir-i Khusraw:
      A few lines from “the Prophet’s Legacy” :
      ….”Rose and Jasmine”

      “I am certain that in both the worlds, Husayn
      and Hasan are the rose and jasmine of Muhammad.
      Tell me, where in the world can blossom such
      exquisite blooms except in the soil of Muhammad?”

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