img_0993Cheeto the Cheetah was a dear little soul

The mum was hunted down leaving her alone

Out came the rangers she was no more forlorn

Rescued little Cheeto from any more harm

Cheeto was rescued once and for all

Cheeto came from North Eastern Wajir  County

Richard Kanjwony found her, what a bounty

Two weeks old Cheeto wrapped up and warm

Flew to Wilson Airport away from the storm

Cheeto was rescued and now was in form

Once in Nairobi Animal care took over

Edwards expert care took Cheeto over

Her eyes were not open and she was bottle fed

But she was so happy and not at all sad

Vaccine was given to keep her well

Cheeto was rescued once and for all

Soon Cheeto with all the love  and care

The Animal Orphanage and Mama     Nurturing care

Opened her eyes and began to play

Furry toys dangled for her to see and flay

Cheeto was rescued once and for all

One sunny day Cheeto was adopted and named

Iman for her birthday to celebrate

What a delight to know that soon she would move

Out into the open where other cheetahs roam

Cheeto was rescued one and for all

Now that we know that Cheeto is loved

We feel so grateful that  none go uncared

With the team at the Orphanage all are tamed

Cheetahs you know are very handsome cats

Cheeto  the Cheetah is rescued once ready for pats

Cheeto can lick herself clean and fresh

Her milk comes to her in a bottle all fresh

Soon she will move to the open the air so fresh

For all visitors to see and know she is safe

Cheeto is rescued we are so glad she is safe.

2nd November



One thought on “

  1. Oh! Didn’t we fall in love with Cheeto.
    So cute was she when looking up at us.
    The dainty tiny claws yet to learn the ferocious acts.
    Your dedication Shariffa Ji is upto perfection.


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