The dappled path invites me

The smell of fresh rain calls

Scent of stirred soil rising

Something ahead beckons

It calls me now to explore

There is something afoot


The aloes with their spikes

Flung out in full abandon

The aloe Vera tall in pride

The succulent silver leaves

Set off the peachy orange

There is something afoot


The paving tapers off

Ahead the haze of bushes

Creates secret temptation

Where to it softly asks me

And I tempted to respond

Some mystery lies ahead


Branches join in safe canopy

I bend invite the soft touch

The soothing rustle of leaves

Rain drops damped my nape

It is refreshing spontaneous

What is it that lies just ahead


It is the visage of my friend

So long since I last set eyes

Upon that dear one so close

I am filled with softened joy

The meeting is long awaited

Ahead is a special longing


Only a canopy of wet leaves

A path of wet paving stones

Stirs up the beating heart

Awakens the soft memories

A special time spent together

There is a stirring of memory

In my heart





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