White washed walls so refreshing

As is the gait of the sellers swaying

In rhythm the palm fronds waving

Green finger skyward pointing

Under the palms khangas calling

Luring buyers,the colours tempting

The new designs softly beckoning

Stories khangas tell are so alluring

Wares every where are selling

Under palms, on heads telling

Passers by, come we are willing

Everything is good with a shilling

I see the sea so cool and tempting

Ah the varied greens so alluring

The fisherman’s bait awaits fishing

The waves send the crab scuttling

Nature abounds it has been raining

The earth responds with blessing

The buds give up their tight curling

Spread its scent subtle refreshing

The rainbow rejoiced in full arching

From horizon to the sky proclaiming

Gods beauty is oh so encompassing

I am awed by such beauty rejoicing


Hail Stones Like pearls from heaven Strewn on the ground A message of celebration Celebrate life and death Creation and annihilation There is no dichotomy Yin yang in its principle Life ebbs and flows so Each pearl drop melts And is H2O in essence How each form delights One quenches my thirst One feels me with wonder Hot air crystallises water An amazing phenomena Is life not full of wonder? What is H2O doing inside? Blood and plasma and oil Circulating everywhere I feel calm by the sea side And flowing river streams Splashing shower waters I am water and it is me But I am space between Ebbing and ever flowing Flowing to my destiny Destiny is my journey Going nowhere specially This moment is so still I’m not going anywhere I never was not ever-will Or am I ever and ever was Life is a delightful space In no time and no space It is the is ness of itself In thinking I annihilate In annihilating I am fana Is where I want to be now 2018 Diamond Jubilee

Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus

The night Blooming Cereus is a wonder to see

It blooms for those who prowl by night to see

What wondrous blooms come out at night to be

As the darkness deepens,the mind in stillness be

Then what divine wonders are there for me to see?

It is caprice to wonder by might to see what might be free

And there to my delight are so many blooms set free

Just for a night tidings of the divine will agree

To give you a glimpse of the tender tree

Blooms of delicate pink and peach I agree

But as it unfurls it is as white as white can be

Intoxicated I bend down to inhale the whole of thee

And my soul is drawn in to the depths of your sea

The never ending tide of neither you nor me

For what once comes to bloom then is not to be

For we have all come here just to be set free

Gatamayu Forest

Out in untouched nature

An inherent space abides

Where the eyes can see

Beyond the far horizon

And time just stop still

My thinking mind stops

Gives up for a little while

Like slowly closing eyes

Breath too exhales itself

And time just stops still

The surface of the body

Seamlessly merges out

Nature and man unite

The breath and air do too

And time just stops still

Where is the fear I knew

Maybe I let it finally go

Where is my limitation

I went far beyond it too

And time just stood still

A glimpse into the present

This very gift of moment

Sans smell colour or form

A divine gift that is always

When time just stops still

It is ever there I do know

Without having to zip out

I looked in the forest dense

While it abides in my heart

When I let time just stop still

Acceptance and surrender

Suddenly come into being

Aha this is the very infinite

I looked for over the horizon

It is inside as time stops still

I have traveled far that I know

Searching for what found me

Now I know I have arrived there

Where the right easy path is

Cause I just let time stop still

From My Window

In gratitude I bow to nature

It gives me the vast space

The gnarled trunk of old age

That bears the creepers weight

The leaves turn green to rust

Just from the roots in the dust

I appreciate in humility

Durantas bring sun to ground

Ecaliphas join easily the two

Lantanas like wildfire spread

The purple Agapanthus share

Their beauty with Thunburgias

What a kaleidoscope of colours

Right outside my window I have

I bow down to nature today

It has blessed my vision

The birds have gladdened

My ears and my very soul

Tidings before Christmas

Brings joy to the very world

We know the Lord is neigh

Today and everyday of life

I bow down to nature today

As Th e wind sings for me

Through the leafy bowers

Filters the sun in magical

Wondrous reflections I see

The wonder of your energy

In which I have my very being

I bow down too Thee


Kenya my Kenya
Take me back to
My land again

In the world there is nowhere A special scent of rain where
The drops kiss the earth fair
The heady aroma I am aware
Can bring memories of their
Childhood abandoned air
Take me back to
My land again

To dance naked in the rain
Now so much older not vain
Face arms raised I’m sane
Receiving first drops of rain
Of rain divine and its purging
Promise of shoots emerging
Take me back
To my land

The leaves cleaned green Birdsong stop,they preen
Equally in the very green
Umbrage of fresh mien
Of leaves once dusty grain
Now so fresh and plane
Take me back
To my land again

The sun peeks through rays
Silent rain enchants and stays
And the momentum at bay
Up goes the earth smell I say
Down come rain drops yey!!
I have waited for all day
Take me back to
My land again

Filled is this world in glory
Our hopes no longer tarry
The rain drop like a deity
Awaits gives up to gravity
Shimmers awhile a diamond
And mingled in earth so fond
Take me back to
My land again

Take me in my mind far
Of possessions no bar
But never never not ever
Scent of Kenya to sever
In the rain mingled wind
In my face and limbs bind
Take me back to
My land again

The heart gladdens
The ears strain to hear
The first rumble of thunder

Down my spine a chill
Very being to the fill
Wood chimes are still
Never even dare to peal
Until on my face I do feel
Rain drops that can heal
Take me back to
My land again

The curtains now billow
Trees astir fronds mellow
Welcome wrens and swallow
The sun is now just a halo
The sky claps in joy a below
A call or gladness from below
Take me back to
My land again

The earth generous in giving
Although we go on thieving
Striving not for what is right
Fighting only for their might
An example of sheer giving
So we can do from our being
Take me back to
My land again

What great soul has landed
Today our earth is mended
We can smile at human folly
Step back and just be jolly
This madness surely pass
Into gladness like a mass
Take me back to
My land again

There, a far away strain
Rumble of promised rain
The earths glad rejoicing
Of joy and comfort tiding
Rain flies rise in billows
Like burst open pillows
On their gossamer wings
Take me back to
My land again

Wednesday 11th
October 17

The Path


The dappled path invites me
The smell of fresh rain calls
Scent of stirred soil rising
Something ahead beckons
It calls me now to explore
There is something afoot

The aloes with their spikes
Flung out in full abandon
The aloe Vera tall in pride
The succulent silver leaves
Set off the peachy orange
There is something afoot

The paving tapers off
Ahead the haze of bushes
Creates secret temptation
Where to it softly asks me
And I tempted to respond
Some mystery lies ahead

Branches join in safe canopy
I bend invite the soft touch
The soothing rustle of leaves
Rain drops damped my nape
It is refreshing spontaneous
What is it that lies just ahead

On the path could be traps
I will work get over the traps
There may be a snare too
But as I am mindful I will
Go on and see to the end
Where the sun always shines

It is the visage of my friend
So long since I last set eyes
Upon that dear one so close
I am filled with softened joy
The meeting is long awaited
Ahead is a special longing

Only a canopy of wet leaves
A path of wet paving stones
Stirs up the beating heart
Awakens the soft memories
A special time spent together
There is a stirring of memory
In my heart
Shariffa Keshavjee
July 2017
After Homage